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Lettermark Logos

Lettermarks are considered logos that have typography-inspired designs. These are mostly the company’s initials or similar lettering used to create a symbol. This type of logo is frequently used, given the fact that a combination of initials can sometimes be visually effective. They are used in situations where the company’s name is too long or difficult to pronounce or it just doesn’t have a strong graphic that will get noticed.

Wordmarks are also logo designs but they focus solely on the business name. These are unique stylized logo designs that use the full company name. For instance, Facebook, FedEx, eBay, and others. These use the name of the brand in a creative way, by using various techniques.

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  • Image Incorporation Lettermark

    Lettermark Logo-Illustrator

    Are you interested in a unique typographic mark to symbolize your company name? Lettermark logos are used for rebranding campaigns and websites for longer name companies that wish to shorten their logo name using acronyms,...

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